Please tell your customers to report any issues within 3 business days from delivery. If items are sent to you first, issues must be reported PRIOR to you sending them out to your customers. 


For packages that have been lost in the mail, this must be reported within 30 days of the shipping date so claims can be filed with carriers and steps can be taken to find the lost package. 


Please verify that addresses are correct PRIOR to ordering. Address changes cannot be made AFTER orders are placed. Orders will ship to the address on file and will not be refunded if delivered to the wrong location. 


PREORDERS cannot be cancelled and are non refundable unless they are due to arrive OUTSIDE of the listed TAT.


I 100% know that I will miss an item or send an item out that is damaged or messed up (I would NEVER mean to do this but I am human and I know an cannot catch everything) so please let me know within 48 hours so I can do my part to make it right.